2013 Fishing Figures

The final nine days of the season were hampered with low water levels. We could only manage six salmon for the period for just 10 rod days. This brings us to a total of 221 salmon and 193 sea trout for 260 rod days. A more detailed breakdown follows below:

Total Rod Days = 260. -12.16% on 2012.

Total Salmon Catch = 221. +60.15%. Total Sea Trout Catch = 193. -29.04%.

Total Salmon Returned = 152. 68.78%. Of the 69 Salmon killed 17 were of hatchery origin not native to this system so just 52 natal fish (?) were harvested this season. The Draft nets accounted for 280 Salmon.

The total Salmon weight this year came to 1014lbs giving us an average of 4.63lb rise of 6.93% on the 2012 fish weighing an average of 4.33lb.

The overall catch per rod per day for salmon = 0.85 and for sea trout = 0.74. Adjust these figures to allow for river effort only then 204.5 rod days produced 215 salmon… a staggering 1.051 fish per rod per day. Likewise, Sea Trout effort on the lakes when adjusted to remove the Sea Trout caught on the river as a by catch to Salmon angling reads as 168 Sea Trout to 55.5 rod days giving 3.02 Sea trout per lake angler per rod day.

The top three rods were as follows: Seamus O’Neil 48 Salmon for 14 Rod Days averaging 3.42 Salmon/Rod Day with his best day producing 5 Salmon. Geoffrey Fitzjohn 36 Salmon for 15 Rod days averaging 2.4 Salmon/Rod/Day. Best day 6 Salmon. Neil Spellacy 20 Salmon for 8 Rod Days averaging 2.5 Salmon/Rod/Day. Best Day 5 Salmon. Some going!

The two best flies were: No.1 Black Shrimp.87 Salmon. No.2 Cascade.44 Salmon.

Catch Distribution.

Lower River: 74 Salmon 33.48% of total catch. Middle River: 38 Salmon 17.19% of total catch. Upper River: 53 Salmon 23.98% of total catch. Rock Pool Beat: 50 Salmon 22,62% of total catch. Lakes: 6 Salmon 2.71% of total catch.

It only remains for me to thanks all the anglers that supported us throughout the season and roll on next season.

Nigel2013 Fishing Figures