Open Day

Here we are again… hibernation over! A New Year, a New Season. What a winter! House bound for months, I could not get near the river for the rain and constant floods. There is much catching up ahead. Work that was earmarked for the closed season was constantly long fingered!

It was impossible to see what the spawning was like this year with all the water. I went up the main spawning river three or four times but must have missed any activity. I am led to believe from IFI officials that spawning was good. The last trek up the river I thought I was going to have a heart attack…after forty years smoking >40 fags a day I’ve quit (at least until the midges arrive!)

Nigel Fishing For Salmon

Open day tomorrow… I would not hold my breath. At this time of the year I prefer to see a dry spell prior to spate to entice a few fish in. It’s been so wet wet wet, that fish have been able to enter whenever they liked. We shall see.

 Look forward to meeting you all throughout the coming season providing in the meantime I do not keel over from nicotine deficiencies! Aagghhhhhhhhhhhh!

NigelOpen Day